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Have you participated in the recruitment for the Forest and Wildlife Officer (VPSG3) with earnings of $66,699 - $80,987 a year position at Victorian Government? How did the meeting with company representative look like? What should people considering applying there take into consideration? Share your information!


Victorian Government offers $50,828 - $58,050 a year on the position of Reception Services Officer, Reception Services, Client Suppo... - found in the portal. Do you know something about working at Victorian Government?


In Melbourne VIC Victorian Government searches for an employee for the position of Reception and Administration Support (VPSG2) (salary: $50,828 - $65,272 a year). Have you participated in recruitment process? Let us know how it looked like. Your information may be of valuable guidance for local residents, who consider working in this company.


What do you believe to be the biggest advantage of Victorian Government as an employer? We wait for your honest comment. It is of utmost importance for those who consider starting work in this company.


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